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Oregon Handcraft Brass Handled Tray Table

Oregon Handcraft Brass Handled Tray Table

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The Brass Handled Tray Table will be sure to enhance the spaces in your home. Perfect for entertaining. The tray lifts off the base with ease. Use as a coffee platter on your couch or wine caddy next to the dining table. The base comes apart easily when not in use. Simply pull up on the top cross half. Works well as a side or end table as well next to the couch. No stains or dyes used. All color is natural organic hardwood. All material locally sourced and built right here in Eugene, OR.


  • Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Brass


  • Tray Size: 12" X 18" X 1"
  • Stand Height: 22"


  • Hand wash with soap and water. Dry with hand towel.
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